Top 5 Master Bath Makeover Ideas

There is nothing better than a perfect master bath to escape all the stresses of the day. Hot showers rejuvenate you and your vanity is where you prepare for the day. It’s time to upgrade your fixtures and trade in that outdated bath for that soaking tub you’ve had your eyes on. Check out these ideas for a makeover sure to turn your master bathroom into one of your favorite rooms in the house.

Add a new vanity

Something as simple as an upgrade to your old vanity can make all the difference in the world. Search for a piece that will fit your space without overwhelming the area, but also don’t skimp on space and storage. While switching out your vanity see if it’s possible to add an extra sink, replace your old light fixtures, and give your storage situation a makeover in itself. This the centerpiece of your bathroom so be sure to take time and pick out the perfect piece!

Change the backsplash and paint

If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive makeover go for the basics, paint and a new backsplash. With a little patience you can tackle both of these tasks on your own and upgrade your master bathroom from boring to vibrant in a weekend. Neutral color pallets are in style this year as well as natural materials like wood. Go for grey and off whites to complete your modern master bath makeover.

Upgrade the shower (and/or bathtub)

This is always called for, whether you plan on using the space yourself or you are preparing to sell your home. Adding a luxurious shower or bathtub is the perfect upgrade to any master bathroom. Create a personal oasis for enjoyment and relaxation with a luxurious modern soaking tub or an updated shower with new fixtures and tiles. The bigger the better, steam showers and heated floors are among the latest trends in luxury master bath makeovers.

Lighting makeover

You use your master bathroom to get ready every morning, so why not enhance your experience with excellent lighting. Upgrade your lighting fixtures, placement, and bulbs to create a whole new bathroom. Brass fixtures are on trend this year and well-lit vanities are always in style. Good lighting can be awesome when applying makeup in the morning and help you feel more awake and ready for the day overall. This is another upgrade that is simple to do yourself, unless it comes to wiring, then you will need to call in the professionals!

Natural materials

When designing your master bath makeover be sure to check out the latest in trendy natural materials. Bamboo, slate, and wood are all hot materials right now to upgrade your space. You can incorporate natural substances from the floor tiles to the bathtub. Add a focal wall with stones or marble and chose natural granite or stone countertops for a put together natural look that will give you an outdoor feel inside. Choose reclaimed and recycled components for a sustainable and beautiful master bath that you can feel good about for years to come.

Designing your new master bathroom is an exciting time, picking out fixtures, tiles, and paint is enjoyable and seeing the finished product is the best! Follow these design ideas for the perfect master bath makeover to keep your house updated and modern.