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Gallagher-Remodeling is always prepared to show homeowners just how important it is to maintain their homes’ siding. Much like roofing, exterior siding requires regular attention to ensure it is doing its job. Your home siding plays in important role in protecting your home’s value, and without it, you could find yourself faced with large, expensive repairs that you could have avoided.

Prevent costly structural damage with help from a knowledgeable house siding contractor. Since 1990, our team has installed and repaired both aluminum and vinyl siding on a variety of local residences. Turn to us when your home siding begins to peel away or show signs of deterioration. We’ll recommend repair or replacement depending on the nature of the damage.


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What Role Does Exterior Siding Play?

Many of our clients believe that vinyl is a primarily cosmetic choice for homeowners concerned about their houses’ appearances. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Exterior siding offers sorely-needed protection to your home’s vulnerable outer walls, making it a must-have for every family. Without siding, you and your family could face damages caused by water, wind, and even insects.

The primary purpose of exterior home siding is to stop natural elements from damaging the walls of your home. Like insulation, having siding on your exterior stops moisture from becoming trapped in your home’s walls; otherwise, rain and humidity would soon cause your home’s foundation to rot and warp. Your family can thank your siding contractors for keeping your home comfortable and sturdy throughout each season.


Choose Aluminum or Vinyl Siding

Exterior siding comes in a variety of materials, which in turn offer a variety of benefits. While siding is an essential component of every home, the material it consists of is more than just a purely cosmetic choice on the homeowner’s part. Both aluminum and vinyl siding offer unique advantages to homeowners. As a longtime house siding contractor, our team is more than happy to offer information on each material.

While vinyl siding for your home is often more affordable than aluminum, it offers more in the way of durability. Aluminum home siding will keep out heat and resist scratches and other minor damages. Vinyl, siding on the other hand, is less likely to sustain wind damage or lose its color and texture to inclement weather. Depending on your home’s appearance and location, both vinyl and aluminum siding can be great choices for its protection needs.

Contact us to speak with a house siding contractor about your  current home siding’s condition.