Window Repairs

Window Repair

When homeowners think about their windows, they often think about cleanliness before anything else. However, when was the last time you checked all of your windows’ conditions? You may be surprised at the damage a window can sustain over the course of time. Weather and general wear and tear can cause gradual deterioration, and once the window grows too damaged, it’s time to purchase a replacement. Gallagher-Remodeling offers window repairs at a fair price and we work with you to find the best possible solutions for your home.

Gallagher-Remodeling stops window damage from progressing to the point where a fast window replacement is your only option. Many beautiful windows can stay attractive and functional for years down the road when their owners promptly schedule necessary window repair services. If you noticed that your windows have been damaged, do not hesitate to contact our team for window repair.

window repairs

When Is Window Repair Necessary?

Many parts of your window are easily repairable or replaceable. The panes and locks are both common components that our construction company can order and install in no time at all. However, when the casing, jamb, or sashes begin to degrade, it’s indicative of a more serious problem. Moisture that seeps in after your window is damaged can cause rotting and warping.

Not only does fast window repair keep your windows beautiful, but it also keeps weather, insects, and other unwanted pests out of your home. A window that is not airtight lets in humidity, along with small bugs, like ants, spiders, and even termites. In order to prevent serious damage within your home, we recommend you request window repair services at the first sign of a broken window.

A visibly broken window is a point of leakage for hot or cold air inside your house. During cold winter months or a hot summer, your home’s systems may be working overtime to make up for air escaping through a damaged window. Airtightness is an important feature that all windows need to serve their purpose; talk to our window repair specialists if your energy bills begin to rise mysteriously.

Speedily Delivered Window Repair Services

The sooner you schedule an appointment with our window repair team, the better our chances are of saving your windows from replacement. Most windows are made of some kind of wood, which is an organic material subject to rotting and warping caused by moisture. Without fast professional intervention, your windows could become disfigured after just a few days.

Contact our construction crew when you suspect you need window repair.